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Phil Heath
Phil Heath
@Phil Heath
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RGB Swap is a GREAT marketplace for tech-related gear, new or used. It's obviously growing a base of both sellers and buyers, products and popularity. And justifiably so--the site is fairly, diligently and proactively managed in all aspects. Check it out yourself!
The Tech Outpost
The Tech Outpost
Excellent service!
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As a merchant, I cannot be more satisfied with this up and coming marketplace. It has been a breeze to set up my account and post any and all electronics and computer gear. Anytime I have had a question or been confused, the FAQ center is a great resource, but even then, the leadership of the website is easily reachable by email and they respond within the same day. The fees are minimal and I feel very much in control for how I want to make my sell posts. The leadership of the website even source the merchants for feedback on how to advance the website and make it better for all. It has been a wonderful and fantastic experience so far and I look forward to what is in store for the future.
Chris Chevrier
Chris Chevrier
@Chris Chevrier
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Excellent service. Very reasonable fees. No hidden fees. Very easy to post and purchase! This is the new ebay alternative!
Dakota Bakker
Dakota Bakker
@Dakota Bakker
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Awesome company to work with. It's like eBay without all the ridiculous commission fees. My purchase experience was stress free. It was simple and seamless. The protection that is provided by the owner of this site is safe and comprehensive and you can rest assured that any discrepancies and disputes will be closely monitored and promptly addressed. There is true Real Time support!
William Noe
William Noe
Ebay is dead to me now.. RGB SWAP!
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Staff and customer support is fantastic! They reached out to even get confirmation on my address due to it being a bit different because I have a APO. The shipping is also much lower than expected for my address as well. I love this site so much! Cant recommend it enough. Nothing but a great experience as a buyer.
Corey M
The proof is in the pudding
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I’ve had all kinds of issues on eBay and other platforms such as; disputes taking forever, payments not going through, faulty listings, account suspensions for no apparent reasons, etc. I’ve yet to encounter a single issue buying, selling, or customer service wise with RGBswap. Can’t thank them enough for all that they do!
Steve Bassman
Steve Bassman
I came here and gave RGB Swap a chance…
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I came here and gave RGB Swap a chance because I'm sick of the scamming and High seller rates and poor customer service with eBay. When I had some questions it wasn't difficult to get ahold of the staff. Its obvious they care about my concurs and not just placating me. The fair selling rates made it so I could charge less. I cant wait for the masses to convert!
Andrew W
Andrew W
Customer Service
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Excellent customer service for me, as a new user of the sight. My GPU buying experience was seamless and a great deal! Many options to chat with either the seller or website support. The buyer protection plan was very comforting, as I placed my trust in this new platform and was not disappointed!

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What is RGB Swap?

Buyer and Seller Protection
Trust and safety is the paramount concern of RGB Swap. We want to make sure every transaction is safe. It is our mission to make sure no one gets taken advantage of. We are building a community of trust.
A PC Hardware Community
RGB Swap was created with members of the community with the goal of offering a premier consolidated marketplace with a minimal commission rate of 2.5% (Until 2022).
Family Owned and Operated
RGB Swap is not a giant multinational company, it was started by Nick Barone with his brother, wife, and best friend. We have been a part of the PC Hardware community for many years and want to make a difference

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Low commission rate of 2.5% on all sales (Until 2022)

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Using our powerful seller tools and features allow easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.  Vendors can see store sales report in detail and also get a complete overview of their store’s performance.

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