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We envisioned a peer to peer marketplace where trust and safety would be paramount, a menu system design around PC Gaming hardware, and an easy shipping system. We are proud of what we have built and hope to grow our site and community for decades to come and truly build the best marketplace for PC gaming hardware. We are a small family owned company


Our Story

RGB Swap was created after experiencing how frustrating other marketplace selling platforms could be. Something dedicated specifically to the PC Gamer’s needs. We were tired of paying huge commission rates, terrible navigation systems, inflated shipping prices, and a difficult shipping process when selling. After that experience, we set out to build something special. After much research and talking to members of the PC Gaming community we arrived at an idea for what would eventually become RGB Swap.


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Meet Our Team


Nick Barone


With a Degree in Game Art & Design Nick has been in the tech field his entire life. Using his knowledge of PC Hardware and Gaming paired with his frustration with other online marketplaces led to the creation of RGB Swap.


Melissa Barone


Melissa’s attention to detail and overall ability to see the big picture helps keep the ship running. She handles all overall operations and developments related to RGB Swap.


Luke Stano


Luke has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Organizational Leadership which puts him in a perfect position to manage our financial health and roadmap for the future with an objective eye.


Jason Barone


Jason has a degree in Business Management and is the perfect choice to handle any sales or marketing proposals. He is in charge of helping get RGB Swap’s name and brand recognition out and creating new partner relationships.


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