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Vendor Account

Create A Vendor Account

Once you create a vendor account you will have access to your own storefront! Plus the ability to list and manage all of your products in seconds.

List products

List Your Product

Simply select your products category and attributes, take a picture, set your price and you are on your way to your first swap

Ship products

Hassle-Free Shipping

Buyers choose which service they want and pay for shipping. Once your products sell, you will be able to print the shipping label from the shipping tab on your dashboard. RGB Swap will automatically send the tracking info to the buyer

Earn money_paypal

Get Paid More With Lower Fees

Buyers will pay upfront on all orders. Once the item is delivered and accepted, there is a 48-hour window. At this point, the buyer reviews the product. Once the buyer either confirms or declines the product the 48-hour window will expire. You can transfer the funds from your Vendor account to your Paypal account. There is a 2% RGB Swap fee through 2022 for all new Vendors which is half of the other marketplaces and a 3.5% + .50c Paypal processing fee which equals a total of 5.5%. Lower fees mean you keep more money


Create A Reputation

RGB Swap was created in part with help from members of the PC Gaming Community (PC Master Race & Build A PC). Each vendor has a review rating (Think uber or yelp). Work with your customers to create positive reviews and help grow our community of trust. Once you have enough sales and a high enough rating you could become a trusted seller.

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Buying On RGB Swap


Shop For Your Product

Use our search and filter options to find the exact product you are looking for.


Purchase Your Product With Paypal

Once you find the piece of hardware you are looking for simply add it to your cart, choose your shipping method, pay for it with PayPal and then wait for your tracking number and order to arrive. Feel free to contact the seller with any questions you may have before purchase.

buyer protection

Buyer Protection

Purchase your product with confidence. RGB Swap Guarantees you will receive your ordered product in the advertised condition or you will get your money back.

verify delivery

Verify Your Product

Once the item is delivered and accepted there is a 48-hour window where the buyer reviews the product. RGB Swap will not transfer any funds to the seller until the buyer confirms they are satisfied with the product or after the 48-hour window expires.

leave feedback

Leave A Review

After you finish your transaction, leave the seller a review so we can build a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers


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