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I am a Computer Enthusiast that first started building computers back in the 1980’s. After graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science, I started building computers for my father’s business. Throughout the years I would build them for myself and others. I recently got back into building computers when my son wanted a computer. We first built one out of a Dell we bought on eBay and then performed various upgrades like a CPU, GPU and such. We ended up selling that because he wanted RGB lighting. So, then we built another, after a few months of using that one I decided to make some more changes, So I sold that one and built another for him. I guess you can say I got the build bug. Lately I just been building them to sell. I enjoy researching the parts that are compatible and yield good results. I also enjoy the challenge of finding the hard-to-get parts like GPU’s and seeing the whole system come together. My passion for benchmarking the final product and seeing how the parts perform under load and during torture tests, and how the system controls and maintains temperature is another aspect of the testing that goes into my systems.

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